About our property solutions

Purchasing commercial and industrial property will always be an attractive venture as an entrepreneur – either to secure tenure for your own business operations or as a sound long-term investment.

For SMEs renting premises may seem to offer greater flexibility than ownership. However, long-term tenancy is not guaranteed and improvements and alterations made to rented premises will be lost if the lease cannot be renewed.

By owning your property you are not only securing a place to trade for as long as you choose, but it will also grow the overall equity of your business. Calculations show that by purchasing property for your own use, you can save up to 50% on premises costs over a 10-year period, without compromising your business’ cash resources.

For entrepreneurs looking to add a property component to their investment portfolio, multi-tenant properties are attractive and viable options, as they provide both capital appreciation and rental incomes. We offer investment financing solutions for a wide range of commercial and industrial premises and the expertise to match the needs of each individual business and/or entrepreneurial investor with the right property.

Property finance solutions

Our property finance solutions include:

  • The purchase of retail and industrial complexes.
  • Co-investing in retail, industrial and other commercial investments.
  • Finance of up to 110% of the purchase price for owner occupied business properties (subject to terms & conditions).
  • The purchase of business properties for leasing back in order to unlock capital for business expansions.
  • Up to 100% finance on existing business occupied properties to unlock capital for business expansion or other requirements (subject to terms & conditions).
  • Tailor-made property financing solutions.

Applications are considered in all sectors of the economy with the exception of on-lending activities, direct farming operations, underground mining and non-profit organisations.

Please note, applications for financing below MWK 20 million are usually not considered; and we do not operate in the informal or micro-enterprise sectors.